Welcome to Andor City.

It’s the year 2025, and life is a little crazy these days. Around the year 2015, teenagers began manifesting mutant abilities, for unknown reasons. At the same time, the spiritual world long sealed away from humanity was let loose once more, allowing them access to the sensitive members of the populace. Shortly afterward, magic, once thought myth, was publicly exposed to the world, and the rare gifted members of the population now have (relatively) easy access to the knowledge once held by only a handful of people.

On the streets of Andor, superpowered crime is on the rise. Despite these acts being perpetuated by only a fraction of the “supers” demographic, anti-supers movements are on the rise. It’s becoming dangerous to be a super, and the few bold sorts who do what they can to fight crime outside of the system are in danger of becoming even fewer.
The city magician’s guild is dealing with a rash of disappearances among its members; a series of vanishings that nobody can find an explanation for. The disappearances are beginning to increase in both frequency and violence.
Someone or something is stirring up the spirit population in the city; supernatural incidents are on the rise, and people are starting to get hurt. Spirits, being difficult to communicate with at the best of times, are completely incoherent when questioned about the recent troubles.

As the old curse goes: “May you live in interesting times”.

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Mutants, Magic, and Spirits Oh My [DEAD]

Gerkuman Skellie Fiedler